China’s transport programme for rural areas

China is developing a transport programme for its rural areas.
Maintenance / June 16, 2022 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
China has plans to develop its rural roads and highways – image © courtesy of Mike Woof
China is planning on developing transport in rural areas during 2022, according to the official news agency Xinhua. The aim is to rebuild an additional 30,000km of rural highway during 2022, which will bring the total distance of rural highways being rebuilt to 150,000km.
Effective road maintenance will ensure that rural roads are in good order, helping to boost transport and economic development, while also boosting safety. 

Meanwhile, 8,000 bridges in rural areas that are no longer fit for purpose will be rebuilt, a considerable increase from the 3,000 deficient bridges that were rebuilt during 2021. China’s Transport Ministry spent close to US$61.6 billion on developing the rural road and highway network during 2021. China’s rural transport development programme saw 160,000km of roads and highways being built or improved during 2021.