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  • Music on the goOur Skidmarks page is highly rated by readers. Your input could help make this page even more entertaining. If you come across any amusing road-related stories or...
  • Let's go partySome friends in the US decided to turn a toy Barbie Mustang car into something rather more entertaining. The men fitted a Honda motorcycle engine and new driveline...
  • The hanging HondaPolice in Toronto are still mystified as to how and why a stripped-out Honda was left dangling from a busy bridge. At first it was thought the car had been placed there as...
  • Roo'd Awakening and BMW DriversA rider amongst a group of cyclists on a training run in Australia had a rather unpleasant experience. The man was cycling along a road with his team mates when a young...
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Photo of the Month

  • Photo of the month March 2016 March 2016A Nordic approach to road repairs for London
  • January February 2016 January February 2016High capacity safety rope installed on Bolivian toll roads, image courtesy of World Highways reader Giacomo Goretti
  • Friday News: Car Video avatar Video: Passenger car gives a lift to a white van in SpainMaybe the driver of the Ford Focus passenger vehicle didn't notice at first that he had a white van on the roof of the car. Or maybe he did, as the video, taken this year,...
  • WH  Photo of the month Nov Dec 2015 November December 2015Bridge parapets are intended to meet rigorous safety standards - Image courtesy of World Highways reader Mike Hughes
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Latest Industry News

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Latest Industry Products

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