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26 April 2018

Eco-friendly: Scania’s new G 410 B8x4*4

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Scania's G 410 B8x4*4: the solution to low-emission requirements
As more and more cities declare low-emission zones, Scania is ready to help contractors and operators meet these environmental concerns with a new G 410 B8x4*4 tractor unit that runs on compressed natural gas.

The truck uses Scania’s latest OC series engine which delivers 305kW and 2,000Nm of power … in line with diesel engines of a similar size.

However, and more importantly, emissions are only around 15% of a similar diesel engine, making the vehicle ideal for companies running in urban locations.

With eight tanks of CNG (compressed natural gas) on board, the G 410 B8x4*4 has a range of up to 500km. Both LNG (liquefied natural gas) and CNG tanks can be ordered directly from Scania.

LNG always provides greater range, as a significantly larger amount of fuel can be obtained.

The CNG solution is more than sufficient for many customers, such as those whose assignments involve regional operations with a return to the home base and the refuelling point every day.

But the kilometres that can be achieved from a full tank depends also on the type of operations involved, the weight of the load and how hilly the route is.

A particular safety aspect is that Scania’s engineers have turned the tank valves backwards, away from the direction of travel. This is a simple but well-thought-out detail that reduces the risk of the valves becoming damaged when hit by an external impact.

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